Now Offering Remote Android Support

Remote support has long been a staple of the IT world.  Having the ability to remotely connect to a client’s computer and help them fix their issues has become a standard offering in most IT shops.

Power On Computing is pleased to now offer this functionality for our Android device users as well.  Simply download the Inkwire application from the play store, generate an access code to share your screen and we will remotely connect to your device to fix your issues.

Inkwire is available on the Google Play Store for free –

Inkwire Screen Share + Assist – Android Apps on Google Play

Mazar Bot malware can root and wipe Android smartphones

Security experts are warning about new malware attack that targets Android users. Mazar Bot is delivered via SMS, is able to gain root access to devices, installs software including Tor, and can even go as far as completely wiping a victim’s phone.

Mazar Bot was discovered by Heimdal Security whose researchers analyzed a text message that had been found sent to random numbers. The message purports to provide a link to an MMS, but in fact tricks recipients to install the malicious mms.apk — Mazar Android BOT in disguise.

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Bitdefender Free AntiVirus for Android

Just when you thought your phone was running great, it gets hit with a nasty virus demanding a ransom to unlock your device.  Protect it today with Bitdefender AntiVirus for Android.  Top rated by PC Magazine 2 years in a row.

Grab the free essentials version here:

Their Mobile Protection suite offers comprehensive protection and tracking for your device:

New Android Trojan in the wild. . .

Last week it was Linux servers getting infected, this week it’s Android Tablets.

The good news is, this infection is coming preinstalled, straight from the manufacturers and not something users are likely to download themselves.


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